Innovations of the optoelectronic switchgear range.

Safety light curtains and light grids for extreme applications.

The Schmersal Group extends its programme of optoelectronic safety guards through the acquisition
of Safety Control GmbH and Safety Protec GmbH, located at Mühldorf/ Inn. These companies, which
will trade under the name of Schmersal Safety Control GmbH from now on, will become the Centre of
Competence for optoelectronic safety switchgear of the company group.

Safety Light Curtains

The series, which are integrated as innovations in the programme, include - amongst other things -
the most compact safety light grid of the world for control category 4. Other highlights of the
programme are designs for very rough ambient conditions or hygiene-sensitive applications, e.g. the
SLC/SLG 220 IP69K and SLC/SLG IP69K series.

These safety guards are available with protection class IP 69 K. This means that even when 80°C hot
water from high-pressure cleaners is sprayed onto the device at high pressure from all sides, no
humidity can penetrate into the enclosure. In this way, the devices are suitable for use e.g. in
hygiene-sensitive and -critical fields of the food-processing industry.

These devices therefore feature a comprehensive and varied range of application. In food technology,
many cutters, slicers, grinders and mixers as well as packaging plants are used. Here it must be
ensured that the machine is immediately stopped when the operator enters the hazardous area. This
requirement can be met with the SLC/SLG 220 IP69K and SLC/SLG 420 IP69K series, without the
need for installing a separating mechanical safety guard.

The SLC 220 IP69K safety light curtains are available with protected field heights from 175 to 1675
mm and resolutions of 30 and 80 mm. For the SLC 420 IP69K series, these values are 170 to 1770
mm (protected field heights) and 14 and 30mm (resolution).

The devices meet the requirements for type 2 (SLC 220) or type 4 (SLC 420) to EN 61 496-1/2. This
also applies to the SLG 220 IP69K and SLG 420 IP69K safety light grids, which are available with
two, three or four light beams and which are suitable for ranges from 0.3 up to 30 meters.

All series are equipped with additional safety functions, such as an integrated start/restart interlock
and integrated contactor monitoring. The blanking function, which is also integrated, enables blanking
(i.e. fading out) a part of the protected field, without triggering a stop signal. In this way, objects can
be fed into the machine through a conveyor, without the safety guard being triggered. The type 4
version SLC 420 IP69K additionally is equipped with a floating blanking function, which enables a
flexible blanking of up to two adjacent light beams in the protected field of the light curtain.

The status indication and the signalling output provide for transparency, the integrated self-test for
additional production safety. The safety light curtains and light grids can be adapted to the individual
application through an integrated diagnostic and parameter setting interface.
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